This past Sunday, Charlottesville Tomorrow’s new engagement reporter Patty Medina made her debut on the In My Humble Opinion Radio Show.

“My role as the Community Engagement Reporter ties well into the work that In My Humble Opinion does for the residents of Charlottesville,” wrote Patty Medina. “IMHO provides a platform to connect changemakers with the community they serve. They also amplify the voices of Charlottesville’s most underserved.”

Sunday’s IMHO show with hosts Maxicelia Robinson, Troy Robinson, and Charles Lewis also included discussions with City Council Candidate Carl Brown, Trina Murphy, Aunt of Alexis Murphy, and a discussion of Black Male Achievement with Daniel Fairley.

“Oftentimes we think of reporters as storytellers. I believe my role is to listen to the needs of our community first,” added Patty. “I don’t want to be just another storyteller, I want to be the megaphone for those who are not being heard. I’m excited to partner with IMHO in the future to continue bringing awareness to our communities and lending our skills to truthtelling.”

In My Humble Opinion Radio Show airs weekly on 101.3FM,

Listen to the Trina Murphy Interview.

Listen to the Carl Brown Interview.

Listen to the Daniel Fairley Interview.


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