Last month, Charlottesville Tomorrow’s newsletter on Friday, September 18 achieved something that no previous newsletter ever had, it was opened by over 45% of our subscribers, our highest open rate on record. To give this context, Mailchimp estimates that the average open rate for a  media organization newsletter is about 22%. To achieve double the average, really tells us something.

Our newsletters have become the most consistent and effective way for Charlottesville Tomorrow to connect with our readers. They allow our News Editor, Elliott Robinson, to give context to the events happening here locally, or on a state and national level. They allow our reporters to share important resources like Charlotte Rene Woods’ Election 2020 reporting, Billy Jean Louis’ education coverage or our news teams’ consistently updated COVID-19 tracking

We understand that our newsletters are a two-way street. Our subscribers trust us to enter their virtual world at least twice a week, with the expectation that what we report will be both informative as well as relevant to their lives. We also welcome feedback, with an email link directly to Elliott for your comments or questions. 

“It’s been great to have this level of interaction with readers, especially since it’s no longer as simple as just stopping by our office in CitySpace,” Elliott said.

To all our current newsletter subscribers, thank you for allowing us into your home or office each week. If you know someone who would also benefit from the information Charlottesville Tomorrow has to offer, please share this article with them. Help us build a local public service journalism organization that represents the future of news in our community, by helping us reach more community members every week.


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