Fireworks are likely to continue into July 5th when the

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

hears the appeal of a Planning Commission denial of the

Glen Oaks subdivision

.  Don Franco of KG Associates has informed Charlottesville Tomorrow that his group has decided to appeal the decision to the Supervisors instead of going to court.  The Board has this on their agenda for 10:10 AM on July 5th.

GlenOaks, which is adjacent to Glenmore, was the subject of a lengthy discussion of groundwater issues at the May 30, 2006 Planning Commission meeting [

summary and podcast here

].  Commissioner ultimately rejected the subdivision request citing disturbance of critical slopes as the reason, this after Deputy County Attorney Greg Kamptner told the Commission they could


reject the subdivision because of concerns about groundwater availability.

At last night’s

Village of Rivanna Town Meeting

, Don Franco told about 100 area residents that, if Glen Oaks is ultimately approved, no construction would take place unless the entire subdivision was accepted into the Glenmore Community.**  The Glen Oaks parcel is outside the

Village of Rivanna growth area boundary

and does not have public water or sewer facilities, hence the neighbors concerns about potential impacts to their existing wells.  While Glenmore could expand its community to include Glen Oaks, potential connections to public water and sewer would require special action by the Board of Supervisors.

Brian Wheeler

** Update 6/26/06: Don Franco called

Charlottesville Tomorrow

to clarify that construction will not take place until a determination is made as to whether Glen Oaks will be incorporated into Glenmore.  If it is not added to the Glenmore community, construction will take place regardless if the subdivision is approved, but access to the new subdivision would be via Running Deer Drive and not Glenmore.  Also, Mr. Franco stated that he is not interested in pursuing connections to public water/sewer for Glen Oaks nor is he interested in having the subdivision added to the County’s growth area.  Brian Wheeler


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