WINA AM 1070’s Charlottesville Live morning program is inviting all of the candidates running for Charlottesville City Council to come on the radio to share their background and priorities. On July 12th, Independent

Barbara Haskins

was the guest of Jane Foy and Rob Schilling.

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Listen using player above or download the podcast:

Download 20070712-WINA-haskins.mp3

A newcomer to city politics, Haskins has lived in Charlottesville since 1981, and currently lives in Meadowcreek Heights. She moved to town in order to attend medical school at the University of Virginia, and told WINA that she decided to run for office because of her “outrage” over the city budgeting process this past spring.

“It was horrifying and appalling and I kept waiting for it to start making sense, and it just kept making less sense,” she said. Haskins said she is not seeking a career in politics, but wants to improve the decision-making process in the city.

Highlights of the program:

Sean Tubbs


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