City Councilor Satyendra Huja appeared this morning on WINA’s Charlottesville Live with Rick Daniels and Jane Foy as part of the program’s monthly Government Day. Huja reviewed his first three months on the job, and talked about how he is making the transition to elected office after 31 years working for as a planner for the City of Charlottesville. Topics include the City budget, new routes for the Charlottesville Transit Service and the Community Water Supply Plan.

“This is a fifty-year plan, and not a plan for the next two or three years,” Huja said. “Water is one of the most important amenities a government can provide for our future and our present.” Huja also countered concerns  that the plan would only rely on one reservoir, and told Jane Foy that the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir would continue to be used. He said he supports expanding the Ragged Mountain Reservoir in one phase in order to save money overall.

“The fact is, the existing situation is not meeting our needs and as a steward of public interest we need to think about the need for our future citizens,” Huja said.

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