Katy Compel, Assistant Principal, Baker-Butler Elementary

Katy Compel, Assistant Principal, Baker-Butler Elementary 

What has been the most challenging aspect of becoming an administrator?
The most challenging aspect of becoming an administrator here at Baker-Butler is learning each student’s and each parent’s name. It is my practice to know everyone’s name and coming to a new school takes some time to learn everyone’s name!

In what new ways do you support student learning?
I support student learning by being in the classrooms with staff and students, ensuring the school remains a safe and effective learning environment and building relationships with the entire school community.

What are you doing to engage the community at your school?
Baker-Butler has an amazing community that is really involved in the school. I enjoy talking to all of the community members that come through our doors on a regular basis as well as attending the community events that the PTO sponsors. Baker-Butler is the place to be!

How will you respect your school’s history and culture while making the decisions necessary to educate young people for their future?
Baker-Butler has such a rich history and culture that is an awesome thing to celebrate! I believe that embracing our past while focusing on our future is the only way to ensure that we remain the best school we can be. We have so many unique aspects to our school such as the sculpture park that tell a story through history but also look forward to the future and what the world will expect of our students.

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