reported in last Saturday’s

Daily Progress

, Albemarle County is reviewing a rezoning application for the property between 5th Street and Avon Street just over the border from the City of Charlottesville.  The project, named ”

5th Street — Avon Center

” on the rezoning application, proposes almost 400,000 sq.ft. of commercial buildings as follows:

The site plan shown in the rezoning application (click image for larger version) also shows a connector road between 5th Street and Avon Street.  Avon Street has no interchange on I-64.  Another 7.85 acres is designated for future offices, some of which would be on top of the City’s old trash dump along Moore’s Creek.  These offices would add another 51,292 to 68,389 sq.ft. of commercial buildings.

No public meetings have been scheduled for this project which is likely to start its review in a work session with the Albemarle County Planning Commission.

Brian Wheeler


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