The Albemarle County Planning Commission split 3-3 on a recommendation to approve the McCauley Crossing development, a proposed rezoning for property off Proffit Road.  In the case of a tie, the recommendation to the Board of Supervisors is for denial.  McCauley Crossing would feature 30 townhouses in an undeveloped area between Forest Lakes and the proposed North Pointe Development. The property is currently zoned R-1, which would allow only one housing unit per acre. 

The applicant made many changes to the plan since the last work session on the rezoning. First, the name has changed from Mermac Crossing. Next, four more units have been added after the Commission asked for more density in the area. The Draft Places 29 Framework shows the area as being urban residential. The applicant also agreed to include the road through the complex as the first component of a network of public roads to support the area. They also agreed to designate five of the units as affordable under the County’s evolving proffer policy.

That affordable housing component triggered the concerns of two men from Lighthouse Worship Center, which borders the property. The Pastor and the Church Secretary both appeared before the Commission to express their concern that the affordable housing units would attract sexual predators to the area, threatening the children in their daycare.

Commissioner Eric Strucko (Samuel Miller) said while he thought the plan was a decent one, he could not support any rezoning at this time because the County has not acted on rural ordinances. Strucko has not approved of a rezoning for several meetings.

Commissioner Marcia Joseph (At-Large) said she could not support the rezoning due to a lack of information about whether the Albemarle County Service Authority can support the additional density.

The additional no vote was from Duane Zobrist (White Hall), who felt that putting a condominium complex in the midst of churches was perhaps inappropriate.

Voting to approve were Jon Cannon (Rio), Pete Craddock (Scottsville) and Bill Edgerton (Jack Jouett). Edgerton said that the plan had improved significantly, and he thought its increased density met with the County’s expectations for the growth areas. Commissioner Cal Morris was absent, and motions fail in the case of a tie.

The proposal will go before the Board of Supervisors on January 16, 2008.

Sean Tubbs


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