Credit: Vineyards by Glenna Barlow on Flickr

Should Albemarle County allow for more special events (like weddings) to be held on rural property and on farm wineries/cideries? How many events a year and for how many people?  What are the noise and traffic impacts like for neighbors? What are the economic development benefits?

Farm wineries have a special distinction because state law allows them to hold an unlimited number of events for up to 200 people.  Should they be able to have some larger events as is being requested by Castle Hill Cider?  Should rural farms that are not wineries, and thus can’t hold an event with a direct connection to an agricultural product, also be allowed to hold special events?  Panorama Farms received approval for their wedding business last year.

So while there are a lot of variables for any specific application, and this is just a basic poll to get the pulse of our readers… what do you think?

Should Albemarle County be more permissive with events in the rural area?