Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority (RWSA) will hold an odor control project kickoff celebration on Friday, July 15th, at 10am at Riverview Park. The large-scale capital improvement  project  is  designed  to  keep  wastewater  odors  generated  from  the treatment processes from migrating off site from the Moores Creek Advanced Water Resource Recovery Facility located in the Belmont/Woolen Mills Neighborhood.

On average RWSA treats 10 million gallons of wastewater per day from area homes, businesses, schools, and other buildings  which results in the unfortunate reality of strong odors. MEB General Contractors, Inc. from Chesapeake, Virginia began the

$9.33 million project on June 27th to address these odors, and the project is targeted for substantial completion by the end of 2017. The extensive improvements encompass multiple facets of operations including but not limited to the following actions:

       Installation  of  covers  over  key  wastewater  treatment  systems,  including  the primary clarifier basins, and construction of a technologically   
       advanced biological scrubber which will vacuum air space above those systems to remove odor compounds

Installation  of  a  sewage  containment  pipe  and  state-of-the-art  grit  removal facilities to eliminate daily use of outdoor basins

Elimination of post-digestion solids settling basins

Elimination of outdoor biosolids storage and handling area

Purchase of custom-covered trailers for biosolids transport

“This project, as well as previous efforts starting in 2006, definitely had engineering, scientific, financial and community challenges to solve, and the ACSA, City and County have worked well together to bring solutions to these odor problems for our neighbors through the RWSA,” said Lonnie Wood, Interim Executive Director.

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors Chair and RWSA Board Member Liz Palmer said, “The RWSA is committed to environmental stewardship. In addition to being a leader in watershed protection, the agency has worked diligently over the last decade to improve air quality in the area around the sewage treatment plant. This new project is a major step in achieving the goal of clean air for area residents. “

“The odor control project is a marvel of science and engineering that reflects our community’s values,” stated Kathy Galvin, city councilor and RWSA board member.  “It shows our commitment to environmental stewardship, and ensuring a high quality of life for all of our residents.  It demonstrates city and county collaboration and highlights the dedication of many civic-minded people who have labored over this issue for close to a decade.”

Remarks will be given by RSWA Chair Mike Gaffney, City Councilor Kathy Galvin, Board of Supervisor Rick Randolph, and Woolen Mills Neighborhood Association President John Frazee. A visual representation of the work will be available for viewing. In summary:

What:            Odor Control Project Kickoff
When:           Friday, July 15th 10-10:30am
re:           Riverview Park, 1999 Chesapeake St, Charlottesville, VA 22902 (heavy rain location: Woolen Mills Chapel)
Who:             Local media, elected officials, and neighbors are invited

RWSA is the wholesale provider of clean, safe, high-quality drinking water serving the City  of  Charlottesville  and  Albemarle  County  Service Authority’s  over  110,000 customers. RWSA then treats wastewater, so it can safely return to the aquatic environment of the Rivanna and eventually the Chesapeake Bay.