The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative is pleased to announce the artist has been chosen to paint the Barracks Road retaining wall. Chicho Lorenzo was selected by a panel of local residents and arts advocates after reviewing proposals submitted by a wide selection of local and regional artists.

The mural will be located along Barracks Road near the 250 Bypass. This project is a partnership between The Charlottesville Mural Project, The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, The County of Albemarle, the Virginia Department of Transportation, UVA Arts and local residents. Barracks Road is an urban collector and a designated Albemarle County entrance corridor utilized by local residents and tourists. In addition, Barracks Road connects one of the City’s busiest shopping centers with the rolling hills of rural Albemarle County. There are neighborhoods and homes along this section of Barracks Road. Going west, Barracks Road quickly becomes Garth Road, designated a Virginia Byway by the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a scenic road, Barracks/Garth Road is advertised to tourists as an alternate destination, leading to vineyards, the Artisan Trail, Foxfield Races and other attractions.

This July, members representing the nearby communities of Canterbury Hills, Hessian Hills, and Out of Bounds gathered to discuss mural themes. Many residents communicated a desire to see an inspirational mural that incorporates whimsy and playfulness while incorporating organic colors to compliment the surroundings. Ideas centered around communicating the history, geographic beauty, and the diverse people of the area.

Lorenzo will also engage field trips of local high schoolers and will teach a single-session “master class” on past work, technique, and process. This class (TBA) will be open to the community. It will be heavily promoted to University of Virginia students in partnership with UVA arts. The Muralist will have the assistance of several University of Virginia students to assist with labor as desired.

About the artists: Well-known painter and muralist, Chicho Lorenzo has been sharing colors all over Charlottesville for several years. The self-taught artist and native of Madrid, Spain is widely influenced by the vibrancy and color of the Spanish culture, which is evident in his work.