City of Charlottesville

November 24, 2015

Mary Joy Scala, AICP
Neighborhood Development Services

New Historic Preservation Archives on City Website

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Historic Preservation staff in the City of Charlottesville’s Department of Neighborhood Development Services is pleased to announce that a year-long archival project to digitize historic surveys that document Charlottesville’s architectural history is complete.

This invaluable documentation of individual buildings by street address is now available for everyone on the City’s website. Most of the surveys, which often include photos and research notes, were conducted in the 1980’s by local historian Eugenia Bibb. These documents are useful for history buffs, or anyone with an interest in local architecture, from property owners to school children. You can find the survey archive here:
Additionally, Neighborhood Development Services has uploaded to the City’s website archived information for most of the Certificates of Appropriateness (COA) applications that have been submitted to the Charlottesville Board of Architectural Review.

This information includes architectural drawings and staff reports for COAs that date from the mid-1970’s to current. “Archived BAR Applications” is a significant public resource when examining building projects in the City of Charlottesville. Find additional information on the BAR, including these archives, here:

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