Virginia is for (news) lovers: How a Charlottesville newspaper and non-profit make their relationship work

By Justin Ellis, Nieman Journalism Lab, March 14, 2011

A year and a half ago , neither The Daily Progress nor Charlottesville Tomorrow were quite sure their marriage would work. One’s a daily newspaper, the other a nonprofit focused on land use and development issues. What they had in common was the same goal of supplying meaningful news to the people of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Not only did they make their union work, they’re thriving.

Since stories produced by nonprofit Charlottesville Tomorrow have begun appearing in The Progress — something we wrote about in 2009 — the paper’s coverage of growth, transportation, and development stories has increased, traffic to Charlottesville Tomorrow’s website is up, and the partnership has been lauded by Editor & Publisher for “Doing It Right.”

“It’s not something I anticipated, expected, or planned. It was something that happened over time,” said McGregor McCance, managing editor of The Progress. “I’m excited to see what happens next.” [ read full story @ Nieman ]


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