City Councilor

Dave Norris

was a guest on WINA’s Charlottesville Live radio program as part of the station’s monthly Government Day feature.  Hosts Rick Daniels and Jane Foy interviewed Norris who says he expects to be elected by Council to be the City’s next Mayor when they hold their first meeting of 2008 next week.

“It’s a position where you can use the bully pulpit to address some of the issues that brought you into public service, and that’s what I intend to do with it,” said Norris. While he described it as a largely ceremonial position, the mayor sets the Council agenda and chairs the meetings.

Norris is promising more open government, and told WINA Council will soon hold a public hearing on how City operations can be made more efficient. The rest of the conversation features Norris explaining Council’s recent decisions on the

YMCA in McIntire Park


City-run EMS service


Norris says he believe his 2006 running mate, Councilor

Julian Taliaferro

, will become Vice Mayor.

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Sean Tubbs


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