CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia, May 17, 2016—NWG SOLUTIONS, Central Virginia’s only  HIPAA-certified Information Technology firm,  announces the appointment of a new Director of Technology. “Teddy Rivkin brings NWG SOLUTIONS  over  25 years of experience managing Information Technology for Charlottesville businesses,” says NWG SOLUTIONS  Principal Ben Thomas. “And his passion  for helping clients find  effortless technology solutions that are adaptable, scalable,  and serve definitive client needs echoes  our service  model: We are not  just in the Information Technology business. We are in the service  business.”

“Health care providers—or any businesses  maintaining sensitive health  information—have become an increasingly popular mark  for cyber attacks,” says NWG SOLUTIONS  Principal Ben Thomas. “As the only HIPAA-certified Information Technology firm  in an area saturated with health  care providers, NWG SOLUTIONS  is expanding on several  fronts to comprehensively respond to the increasing need for Information Technology.” For health  care providers, NWG SOLUTIONS  is an effortless step toward HIPAA compliance, protecting patient health  care information on each and every  workstation ensuring no single  link weakens  the chain of a firm’s network.

“NWG SOLUTIONS  is already offering security- and performance-driven businesses  an unmatched level of security, service,  and expertise,” says NWG SOLUTIONS  new Director of Technology Teddy Rivkin. “As former Chief Technology Officer for Musictoday’s e-commerce operation, I am uniquely positioned to guide the NWG SOLUTIONS’  technical team—implementing new technologies to service  a growing client base throughout Central Virginia.”