Here at Charlottesville Tomorrow, we see ourselves as both journalists and members of this community. So we want you to know who we are!

We’re thrilled that Vinegar Hill Magazine has featured one of our reporters, Tamica Jean-Charles in their pages. Writer Katrina Spencer gets to the heart of Tamica’s work:

See Tamica’s reporting for free on poignant stories like the unmarked graves of enslaved laborers at Pen Park or the contemporary and controversial debate surrounding the potential name change for the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library system at Exploring themes like these in a town that really wrestles in many ways with the legacies of Thomas Jefferson suggests a bold and brave spirit that shies not away from points of friction. Rather, Tamica steadily holds their gaze.

This kind of reporting helps us know our neighbors and build communities. So it’s maybe unsurprising that Tamica builds community when she’s not working too.

It should be of little surprise then that Tamica has taken on the adventure of moving to a small town in the age of a pandemic, and, in an effort to build community, has founded a novel group of her own, Brown Shuga. Brown Shuga is a social collective for queer women and non-binary folk of color or ‘Sapphics.’

Read on at Vinegar Hill.

We so appreciate having Tamica on our team and hope you get a chance to meet her out in the community too!

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