On February 15, 2007, there was a quarterly meeting of the

Planning and Coordination Council (PACC)

which has representation from the University of Virginia, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, and Charlottesville City Council.  Participants in this meeting included: Supervisors Ken Boyd and Dennis Rooker; Councilors David Brown and Kendra Hamilton; and representing the University of Virginia, Colette Sheehy and David Neuman.

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The Council received an update on development and transportation issues in what is known as Area B. The September 2004

Southern Urban Area B Study

identified road interconnections that could be built to enlarge the grid of streets serving the area around the Fontaine Research Park, the University’s Stadium Road area, the Fry’s Spring neighborhood in the City, and County developments along Old Lynchburg Road and Sunset Avenue.

The discussion in this portion of the meeting included the following important topics: the development of the Granger Property, the proposed

Fontaine-Sunset Avenue Connector

, declining secondary road funding from the state, proffers from Biscuit Run and other developments, and local transportation funding options.

Highlights of the discussion:

Brian Wheeler


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