Charlottesville Planning Commission

held a work session on October, 28 2008 to discuss ways to streamline their current development review process. The meeting is a response to the

City Council’s initiation

of a 100 day review period, allowing the Planning Commission to reconsider how they choose to allocate their time during meetings.

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According to City Planner Missy Creasy, there has been an evolution in the Planning Commission’s tasks over the years, as more and more by-right site plans have been submitted. Consequently, less time has been available for long-range strategic planning. This trend culminated in two long Commission meetings over the summer, which prompted staff to ask City Council to initiate the reevaluation.

Jim Tolbert, Director of Neighborhood Development Services, drafted a few actionable points toward achieving this goal, and the commissioners discussed each one during the meeting.

Commissioner Jason Pearson suggested that this whole transformation of the review process be considered as a pilot program, subject to a review after the changes have been in effect for a year. The commissioners all agreed to this. All of these recommendations will go before a joint City Council/Planning Commission public hearing in December.

Daniel Nairn




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