At their meeting on May 14, 2008, the

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

heard public comment requesting that the County endorse a resolution supporting the creation of a Federal cabinet-level Department of Peace and Nonviolence.  While peace and nonviolence are not initiatives followed by

Charlottesville Tomorrow

, we do monitor and report on the different approaches taken by our local governments.


Charlottesville City Council

voted 4-0-1 (David Brown abstaining)

to approve a resolution

of support for the Department of Peace at their meeting on April 7, 2008. The Board of Supervisors did not place the resolution on their agenda.  Instead,

Chairman Ken Boyd (Rivanna)

accepted comment on the proposal under other matters from the public, then he read

a letter being sent by the Board

in response to the request.

Boyd’s May 14, 2008 letter

states in part:

The Board of Supervisors is a locally elected body that is charged with responding to matters specific to our community of Albemarle County.  Therefore it has not been our practice as a body to adopt formal positions on issues to be determined at the federal level that are outside of our area of jurisdiction, and so we are not officially adopting your proposed resolution.

Boyd commended the public for their dedication to this issue.

Charlottesville City Council has taken other actions which the County might view as “outside our area of jurisdiction” including:

Three of the current members of City Council were asked about the appropriateness of local government reviewing resolutions related to impeachment and war at

a candidate forum held September 12, 2007


Q. Do you believe that it is appropriate for local governments to prepare and present resolutions to the Federal Government concerning impeachment and war issues?

David Brown

: “I think our resolutions should be limited to issues that affect people locally…”

Peter Kleeman: “I do not believe issues of conscience should necessarily be determined by majority vote.”

Holly Edwards

: Indicated agreement with Kleeman.

Satyendra Huja

: Indicated agreement with Edwards and Kleeman.

Brian Wheeler


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