Peter McIntosh – Charlottesville Resident for 41 years.

Tell us about your volunteer activities.
I served of the JMRL Board of Trustees, from 1980 through 1992, and again from 2010 to the present.  I also have served on the Friends of the Library from 1992 to the present.  I have been on the Board of the McIntire Botanical Garden from its founding in 2008 to the present.  I also serve on the Fundraising Advisory Committee of the Legal Aid Justice Committee

What inspires you to volunteer? 
It’s fun, if you make it that way. A former fellow Board member once said she’d never serve on a Board that didn’t provides laughs and smiles as well as good work and result for the community

If your volunteer work could make one long-lasting change, what would you want it to be?
Convince more people that we really live in one community

What is a little-known fact about you? 
I’m in the William and Mary Sports Hall of Fame.

What brought you to Charlottesville/Albemarle County?
I came here for a job in the local Legal Aid office after law school and a 5 month trip around the country in a large Dodge van with my wife and 110 lb German Shepherd.  It was a small town then with a drive in theater right where Kroger on Hydraulic sits today.