A portion of City Walk under construction Credit: Credit: Andrew Shurtleff / Daily Progress

Charlottesville’s building boom continued for a second year in 2012 according to a recent report before City Council. Large developments like City Walk, the Plaza on West Main, the Arlington and Millmont apartment complex, and others are changing the city’s landscape.

City Councilor Kathy Galvin asked, “Are the projects that we are approving really creating the kind of environment…[we are] always striving for?”
Some say yes. “I love the expansion of places to live, especially in the downtown area,” said one Charlottesville Tomorrow reader.
Others disagree. “The many areas of construction, growth, and the loss of natural vistas saddens me…and with commercial spaces standing empty, did we really need so many more?” asked another reader.

What do you think? New development in Charlottesville is…


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