The New Year is here and with it, we continue to think of new ways of doing things. For those working in the social sector, it can mean rethinking our delivery of services or redefining philanthropy to include the concept of neighbors helping neighbors. If 2021 taught us anything, it is that we can give in all kinds of ways – whether it is through mutual aid funds, gifting items on Facebook groups, volunteering one’s fundraising skills for a nonprofit, or donating money to a cause – these are all examples of active participation in giving and philanthropy.

As we continue to explore different ways of giving to our communities, we would like to invite you to reimagine philanthropy and community service in Central Virginia by visiting to learn about the different nonprofits in our region supporting our community and ways you can enhance the support, whether by donating items and dollars or volunteering your time and talent. Your support may be exactly what an organization needs to deepen their impact in the community!

To expand our discussion on “Reimagining Philanthropy”, join CNE and Lucy Bernholz of Stanford University’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (PACS) for a conversation on the topic. Scheduled for Thursday February 3rd from 12:00pm to 1:30pm, Lucy Bernholz will engage us in broadening our perspectives of giving, understanding the implications of systems and technologies, and opening our minds to new ways of participating in the social sector.

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