The Charlottesville Board of Architectural Review has granted two approvals necessary before a new hotel can be built at the corner of West Main Street and Ridge-McIntire.

“We would like to be under construction in the spring,” said Charles Wendell, the developer of the new Marriott Residence Inn. “The design of this property is going to take six months.”

In order for design to proceed, Wendell needed the BAR to grant certificates of appropriateness because the building is located within the downtown architectural design control district.

Last week, the BAR approved the massing for the project, as well as the materials that will be used for the seven-story building.

“It sounds like the consensus is that we are OK with stucco as long as it is detailed and we can reach a color agreement further down the road,” said BAR member Preston Coiner.

The property is already zoned for commercial use so Wendell only needs the site plan to be approved by city staff.

“If we can get it approved by September, then I would think we can have a building permit by March 1,” Wendell said.

“I think the project is in the direction of meeting the guidelines,” said Syd Knight, chairman of the BAR.

Existing structures on the property that house several businesses will be demolished. The BAR renewed a demolition permit at its meeting in May. However, Wendell said the structures would not come down until the building permit is issued.

The BAR will further review the design at a meeting later this summer.

“We do our very best to take the applicant’s desires and schedule and all the other practical considerations into account, but we also need to be very comfortable that we are fulfilling the guidelines as City Council has established,” Knight said.

Earlier last week, Atlanta-based Dewberry purchased the partially constructed Landmark Hotel for $6.25 million. Wendell said there is room in the market for both hotels.

“I think they complement each other,” Wendell said. “I think we have a great location, a great product, a great [brand]. The Marriott Residence flag is a tremendous hotel name.”