At their meeting on March 23, 2009, the Board of Directors for the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority authorized the spending of up to $52,000 to develop a landscaping plan for the Meadowcreek sewer interceptor project and received an update on the expert panel reviewing the Ragged Mountain dam design.

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The Board’s most significant action at the meeting was to amend the design for the

Meadowcreek Interceptor project

to allow for the creation of a conceptual landscaping plan. The project involves the complete replacement of a sewer trunk line that was originally installed in the 1950’s. Since then, the right of way has not been maintained. Parts of the easement through the Greenbrier, St. Charles and Locust Grove neighborhoods are now forested, and the RWSA has been negotiating new easements with property owners to enhance the Authority’s ability to maintain the easement and upgrade the sewer line.  The 14-month construction project is expected to commence in August 2009.

Many residents whose property will be impacted requested that the RWSA add landscaping features in order to make the easements more pleasing to the eye. The Board authorized the spending of up to $52,295 to develop the plan with the input of property owners.

Chief Engineer Jennifer Whitaker explains the project to the RWSA Board

Individual property owners will get to choose the landscaping that will be installed on their property, according to RWSA Chief Engineer Jennifer Whitaker. In response to a question from RWSA Chair Mike Gaffney, Whitaker said that the landscaping according to the conceptual plan will cost “in the neighborhood of $150,000.”

In other news:

•    The Independent Technical Review Team authorized

at the meeting of the four Boards on March 3, 2009

is now known as the Ragged Mountain Expert Panel. The group met in Charlottesville the following week and are expected to have a preliminary report for the public by the end of this month.

“I understand from talking to panel members that the meetings were very productive and insightful,” Frederick said.

•    Frederick said his staff is also working to prepare a draft RFP for a dredging feasibility study. The preparation anticipates a request from the City of Charlottesville to undertake such a study. Frederick said the RFP will not be released until the RWSA Board gives its approval.

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