The Edgar and Eleanor Shannon Foundation for Excellence in Public Education:  Charlottesville/Albemarle has announced its grant award recipients for the 2016-2017 school year.
Seventeen excellent and innovative proposals from Charlottesville and Albemarle public school teachers have been selected for funding this year totaling $18,548.
We would be honored to have you join us for an awards ceremony to recognize publicly these winning teachers’ outstanding achievements.  The ceremony has been scheduled for Friday, August 19th at 10 a.m. in the auditorium of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Technical Education Center (CATEC) on Rio Road.
We look forward to your attendance as we support these teachers, kick off the school year with good news about what lies ahead for our students, and celebrate the pursuit of excellence in our local public school systems.
Please RSVP to Stephanie Leech, Administrator, by August 18th via e-mail at
To learn more about the Shannon Foundation and our annual grant awards to teachers, please visit our website at:
$18,548 total funding for 17 grants
Charlottesville City Public Schools:
Lisa Dreyer, Buford Middle School, $710, “Circuit Girls”
Lisa Wallace, Burnley-Moran Elementary, $748, “BeeBots in the Spanish Classroom”
Alisha Demchak, Burnley-Moran Elementary, $481, “Kindergarten Construction Zone”
John Mitchem, Charlottesville High School $708, “Can You Breakout?”
Kristin Ullrich, Jackson-Via Elementary, $181, “Play, Talk, and Share:  School Counselors Care”
Cynthia Carriker Dragich, Venable Elementary, $3,386, “Stars and Stairs”
Albemarle County Public Schools:
Adam Mohr, Agnor-Hurt Elementary, $2,000, “Community Garden-to-Table Project”
Tony Wayne, Albemarle High School, $750, “MESA Bridge Camp”
Lisa Baker, Baker-Butler Elementary, $224, “Precipitation, Temperature, and Wind!  Oh, My!”
Lisa Harman, Baker-Butler Elementary, $353, “Patriotic Puppets from the Past”
Nancy Kendall Williams, Baker-Butler Elementary, $700, “Home Building 101:  Longhouses, Tipis, and Pueblos”
Nancy Kendall Williams, Baker-Butler Elementary, $593, “Simple Joys:  Indian Voices and Visions”
Karen Heathcock and Ray Chrobak, Broadus Wood Elementary, $604, “The World Awaits:  Brining our Learning to Life”
Terry Graff, Cale Elementary, $750, “Wonder Robotics”
Anne Straume, Meriwether Lewis Elementary, $750, “An Artist and Author Are Coming Home with Me!”
Diane Goodrich, Stone-Robinson Elementary, $628, “Tinker Time in the Library”
Caroline Bertrand, Western Albemarle High School, $4,982, “The Robotics Club Reaches Out”