City of Charlottesville

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA —  On Saturday, June 11 from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., Downtown Belmont will be the scene of a street festival celebrating Charlottesville’s Italian Sister City of Poggio a Caiano.

The event caps off the first part of a chef exchange between Tavola restaurant and Poggio’s Ristorante il Falcone sponsored in part by the Charlottesville Sister Cities Commission. Chef Roberta Vivetta Cintelli of Ristorante il Falcone has traveled from Poggio to spend a week cooking and teaching in Tavola’s kitchen as well as greeting diners at the 826 Hinton Ave. restaurant.

“Just to have her here will be amazing, to get that sort of old-world experience. We get to really experience working with a chef who’s been cooking in Italy for decades,” Tavola chef Caleb Warr said of Cintelli, who at age 70 has been “cooking 10 times longer” than he has.

Of course, cultural exchange is a two-way street: Warr will travel to Poggio a Caiano in July, when he will spend a week cooking and teaching in Cintelli’s kitchen. This fall, Tavola plans to host a dinner inspired by the exchange.

Attending the street festival is free; food and drink tickets are available at the entrance or in advance by clicking here.