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radio program this morning,

Albemarle County Supervisor David Slutzky (Rio District) announced

that he would be launching by January 2007 a constituent website called

Talk to Your Government

that would allow him to conduct online referendums.  See:


Mr. Slutzky was finishing a question called in by Crozet Resident Tom Loach about the location decision for the Crozet Library.  Mr. Loach wanted to know why the Board didn’t ask for additional public comment from the Crozet residents that attended the meeting at which the decision was made.  Mr. Slutzky said he thought a good point was being raised–”

How as an elected official do you accurately read the will of your constituents?

Mt. Slutzky says the online referendums will be one tool he plans to experiment with in 2007.

“By the first of the year I plan to have the site up and running and every one of my registered voters will be asked to join the website, and when they do, I will conduct online referendum with regard to issues like [the Crozet Library decision] where I am not sure how my constituents want me to vote.  It will be a way that I can get mass feedback in an organized fashion.”

Brian Wheeler


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