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The Historical Roots of COVID-19’s Impact in Charlottesville

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This week, we’re talking with Sarad Davenport and Jordy Yager about the joint Charlottesville Tomorrow-Vinegar Hill Magazine series, Determined. Determined explores how Charlottesville’s history of racial injustice has left many people of color in our community particularly vulnerable to the pandemic and the economic distress in the region. Plus, stay tuned for a conversation with Sin Barreras about how the immigrant community is affected by COVID-19.

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Elliott Robinson

Elliott Robinson has spent nearly 15 years in journalism and joined Charlottesville Tomorrow as its news editor in August 2018 through 2021. He is a graduate of Christopher Newport University.

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Jordy Yager

Jordy Yager is a freelance journalist raised in Charlottesville, who earned his M.A. in journalism from Boston University. For six years, he covered Congress and the federal government in Washington, D.C. Since 2013, Jordy has focused on issues of equity and racial disparities in his hometown.

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Sarad Davenport

Sarad Davenport is the content manager and digital strategist for Vinegar Hill Magazine.