City of Charlottesville

We all faced a horrible tragedy in Charlottesville, a city we all love.
We faced this challenge as a city, as leaders within it, and as individuals.  We still face challenges. We acknowledge that people in our community continue to hurt and that we have a long road ahead to address the issue of equity.

But we have to move forward.  We have recommitted to one another to work as a leadership team – learning from the events of the day,  discovering ways to have a more constructive community dialogue moving forward and, eventually, reemerging  as a stronger city.  To be successful, we as leaders must be united if we expect our community to be united.

As a first step toward that end, the City is  today  launching a website,, which will be updated on a regular basis, which  will seek to share information as we know it on a series of topics affecting  our community.

Collectively as leaders, and on behalf of everyone in our great community, we stand up for our City and stand against hate and racism.  We pledge to work together as the City continues to heal.