At their meeting today, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors had an important discussion about the County’s development process. [Daily Progress coverage] Early in an agenda item on policies related to improving the zoning application process, Ken Boyd (Rivanna) made a proposal to create a high-level “strike force” that would work over 6-12 months to review the community development process from start to finish.  The resulting discussion touched on Crozet, the Glenmore/Rivanna growth area, the neighborhood model, master plans, comprehensive plans, and the overall goal of channeling new development to our population centers. This is probably the most significant exchange I have heard by the Board of Supervisors on these topics. 

The topics they covered are also at the heart of Charlottesville Tomorrow’s mission to share information with the public and to find a common agenda to protect and enhance our community so that growth is well-planned, benefits the community as a whole, and protects the area’s quality of life, rural character, and healthy environment.  The path to quality growth is through a deeper understanding of these issues and viewpoints in the community and I thought good points were made by all.  It was an important conversation that will continue early in 2006.

[Note: Sally Thomas (Samuel Miller) was attending another meeting and not present for the discussion]

The audio of this discussion is available via the Charlottesville Tomorrow website.  If you are not a current subscriber to Charlottesville Tomorrow’s information, you just need to signup when prompted and provide your email address to get access.

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Brian Wheeler


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