Charlottesville, VA – October 19, 2016: The Paramount Theater Board of Directors announces the 2016-17 Executive Committee. The Executive Committee includes Pam Edmonds, Chair; Jay Blanton, Treasurer; Suzanne J. Brooks, member-at-large; Shelia Davis, Vice-President for Development and Marketing; Chris Holden, Immediate Past Chair, Deb McMahon, Vice-President for Education and Community, Christopher (Chris) Noland, Vice-President for Programming and Operations, and Kenneth Shevlin, Secretary. In addition, The Paramount Theater Board of Directors announces the appointment of five new members including Lynn Brown, David T. Gies, Rob Jiranek, Elizabeth LeVaca and Kenneth Shevlin (also a member of the Executive Committee).

“We are delighted to welcome these strong community leaders to our Board.  All five of them bring energy, talent and expertise to the Theater. Together we will continue to shepherd the mission of our community’s non-profit Paramount Theater. We are thrilled to have them join our team!” said Chris Eure, Executive Director.

The mission of The Paramount Theater is to operate the restored and adapted historic Paramount Theater, for the artistic, educational, and charitable benefit of its community, including the city of Charlottesville, Albemarle and surrounding counties, and the entire Central Virginia region. To accomplish this mission, The Paramount will  offers its community a wide range of arts, education, and entertainment events with the goal of reaching diverse audiences;  presents educational programs at the theater and in schools for school-age children, teens, college students, and the community at large; and makes the facilities and resources available for use by charitable, arts, community, and other organizations and individuals, for presentation of their performances and events

For additional information about The Paramount Theater, please visit our website at or contact our administrative offices at 434.979.1922.

The 2016-17 Paramount Theater Board of Directors includes:

Pam Edmonds, Chair

Jay Blanton, Treasurer

Suzanne J. Brooks, Member-at-Large

Shelia Davis, Vice-President for Development and Marketing

Chris Holden, Immediate Past Chair

Deb McMahon, Vice-President for Education and Community

Christopher (Chris) Noland, Vice-President for Programming and Operations

Kenneth Shevlin, Secretary

J. Alden English, General Counsel (pro bono)

Janice Aron

Jerry Bias

Penny Bosworth

Jackie Bradley

Lynn Brown

Ty Cooper

Victor M. Dandridge

Alison S. Dickie

Charles H. Foster, Jr.

Michael A. Gaffney

David T. Gies

Mark Giles

Leslie Gilliam

Jim Haden

Rob Jiranek

Lou Jordan

Elizabeth LeVaca

David Paulson

Barbara Sieg

Gary W. Taylor

Greyson Williams