I recently asked a member of the Albemarle County Planning Commission if they planned to go to the meeting of the


to hear David Slutzky give a presentation on a transfer of development rights (TDR) program.  The response?

“What are the 5Cs?”

So I thought I would share in this posting a little more history on the

Citizens Committee for City-County Cooperation (aka The 5Cs)

.  I’ll preface this by saying I have never been to one of their meetings and I don’t even know exactly who is a 5C member and who is not.  The 5Cs are facilitated by Leigh Middleditch, Jr., an attorney at McGuireWoods.

In January, I did share a post

that included a podcast of Mr. Middleditch describing the origins of the 5Cs when he was giving a report to the MPO.  The 5Cs had been approached to make recommendations on local transportation funding options. I just have not taken the opportunity to ask him for any further details or a membership list.

Today I received an e-mail announcing

Mr. Slutzky’s presentation to the 5Cs on Thursday, December 14th

.  It included the following passage of interest:

“For those of you without an ‘institutional memory’, the 5Cs Committee was established in 1980 as a non-partisan group of city and county residents to support the then referendum on the novel Revenue Sharing Agreement as a replacement for annexation, a referendum that passed overwhelmingly and has served both jurisdictions well for the last 25 + years.  The 5Cs was reconstituted about ten years ago and has been instrumental in fostering additional city-county cooperation in a number of areas.”

That is a little more than I knew yesterday.  Maybe others can chime in with their knowledge of this group and its accomplishments and we can build some institutional memory on the Charlottesville Tomorrow weblog.

Brian Wheeler

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