Ting Internet, a division of Tucows (NASDAQ: TCX, TSX: TC) and Charlottesville Women in Tech/Tech Girls (CWIT) are proud to announce their recent sponsorship partnership.

Ting Internet will provide $10,000 in annual funding to support CWIT’s mission to address underrepresentation of women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers in the Charlottesville area.

Beneficiaries of the funding will include girls and women in Charlottesville and the surrounding counties. Charlottesville Women in Tech has been serving the community for three years, providing afterschool and summer programming and learning opportunities to girls ages 11 to 14. CWIT also offers opportunities for high school-aged students and women to gain the skills necessary to develop careers in tech.

Ting Internet is a local provider of fiber Internet in Charlottesville because it believes that the Internet is the greatest agent for positive change the world has ever known. Ting is excited to partner with CWIT to help increase awareness about gender disparity in STEM careers, sustain and support girls and women through their education and further the advancement of women in the tech industry.

“As a tech company, in a growing tech community, we value the programming that Charlottesville Women in Tech provides to our local community,” said Drew Hurst, Ting Internet Marketing Manager. “CWIT provides hands on learning opportunities to girls and provides training and fellowship for women breaking into or advancing in STEM field careers. CWIT has accomplished so much in the short time they have been established and we are confident that our sponsorship will allow them to increase their programming in the Charlottesville area.”

Sponsorship from Ting will assist CWIT in extending program capacity and reach as well as expand resources for women in technology. Programs include CWIT’s Tech-Girls events and the YES, We Tech Summit planned for fall 2018.

About Charlottesville Women in Tech/Tech Girls (CWIT)

Charlottesville Women in Tech (CWIT) is an organization for emerging and established professionals that provides human connections and resources for women and girls interested in or associated with technology. Our vision is to bridge the gender gap in tech by providing a safe and welcoming environment for women and girls to connect, learn and collaborate in Charlottesville.

CWIT hosts monthly meetings that include speakers on tech topics and allow for networking with other local women. Events are free and open to all women in our community. Through the Tech-Girls program, CWIT collaborates with volunteers and organizations to run programs focused on fostering girls interest and confidence in STEM education.

About Ting Internet

Ting Internet provides crazy fast fiber Internet in select US towns and cities and counting. Ting is committed to net neutrality and the open Internet. More than that, Ting is committed to being a part of an improving the communities it serves by supporting and championing local good works. Ting sponsors local programs, events, foundations, festivals, charities and public services everywhere we go, investing in the future of the towns we serve.