By Sean Tubbs

Charlottesville Tomorrow

Friday, July 10, 2009


HDR Engineering

and Pennsylvania-based

F.X. Browne

have been named as finalists in a process to hire a firm to conduct a feasibility study related to dredging sediment from the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir to restore water supply storage capacity. Members of the committee are now formulating questions to submit to representatives of the two companies before they are invited to Charlottesville to give both a public presentation as well as a closed session interview.

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The members of the committee are:

Members of the committee deliberated for two hours at their first meeting

Mueller was absent from this first meeting. Perry participated via teleconference. Kurt Krueger, attorney for the RWSA, sat at the table as the committee’s counsel but did not have a vote.

Tom Frederick, Executive Director of the RWSA, began the meeting by passing out a list of questions by which the committee might begin its discussion. Eight proposals were received by the RWSA, and Frederick said the committee had to decide for itself the best way to screen the candidates.  The group decided not to have a chair and opted to use summary minutes.

Forty minutes into the meeting, each participant was asked to name their top three firms.

Gary Fern:

HDR Engineering , F. X. Browne, Dalton, Olmstead and Fugelvand

Mark Graham:

HDR Engineering, F.X. Browne, Gahagan and Bryant Associates

Rebecca Quinn:

HDR Engineering, Anchor QEA, F.X. Browne

Chuck Kent:

HDR Engineering, Anchor QEA, F.X. Browne

Lauren Hildebrand:

HDR Engineering , F. X. Browne, Dalton, Olmstead and Fugelvand

Tom Frederick:

F.X. Browne, Dalton, Olmstead & Fugelvand, HDR Engineering

Marty Quinn:

HDR Engineering, Anchor QEA

Russ Perry:

HDR Engineering, F.X. Browne and Anchor QEA

The committee quickly reached consensus that HDR Engineering and F.X. Browne would be interviewed. They spent the rest of the meeting determining what the interview process will be like for the applicants. Would the questions be provided in advance? Would the questions be made in public, during a closed meeting, or a mixture of the two?

The committee eventually decided to have each firm give a public presentation followed by an interview during closed session. The closed session would give each firm the opportunity to respond candidly without giving proprietary information to the other firm.

Committee members are now writing detailed questions for each applicant. Those questions will be edited by Frederick before being sent to each firm. Committee members will also be able to ask any other question during the closed session portion of the interviews.

Applicant interviews are tentatively scheduled for either July 30, 2009 or August 3, 2009.



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