I have not done an analysis of these two reports yet, but I wanted to provide a link to them both since Coy Barefoot just had me on WINA talking about them.  I expect they will be widely discussed in the community.  More analysis to follow.

Free Enterprise Forum




Locked Out: The Impact of Local Regulation on Affordable Housing [

Revised version

] [



Update: Revised version posted on Free Enterprise Forum website May 10, 2006.

“Albemarle County ranks lowest in housing affordability in the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) according to a new report issued today by The Free Enterprise Forum.  The “Locked Out” report finds that just 16% of Albemarle homes are available to families earning median income. The report also finds Albemarle County has the largest planning department staff, the largest comprehensive plan and the longest approval time for subdivisions. Fluvanna County had the highest percentage of homes available to families earning median income.”

Southern Environmental Law Center




Too Much of a Good Thing? Retail Overload in Albemarle

“Albemarle County has approved or is currently reviewing plans for at least 3.3 million square feet of new shopping centers and other retail space – an over 70% increase in existing retail space and about 2.5 to 3.5 times what its own staff and consultants say the community can reasonably absorb, according to a report released today by the Southern Environmental Law Center. This explosion in retail development could have severe consequences for existing businesses, traffic congestion, air and water pollution, and quality of life in the region.”

Brian Wheeler

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