The Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC)

wants your help

in updating the region’s long-range transportation plan.  The United Jefferson Area Mobility 2025 Plan, or UNJAM 2025, was adopted in 2004 and is used by area and state government agencies to help plan out future roads by taking land use and development into consideration.

The process to create UnJAM 2035 officially kicks off on

May 10 with a regional workshop to be held at Monticello High School

. Before then, area residents are encouraged to complete a survey about their own transportation patterns.  Participants are asked how they get to work or school, how far do they travel, and how frequently they use public transportation. There are also opportunities to make suggestions, and add comments about the area’s road, train and trail infrastructure.

“Both the feedback we get from the survey and the workshop will help us in drafting the parts of the plan where we talk about regional priorities,” said Ann Whitham, a TJPDC planner who works on transportation. She said the survey process gives the region the opportunity to find out if conditions have changed in the past five years. For instance, the price of gas is significantly higher than it was in 2004.

You can review the last plan here


Each metropolitan area that collects federal funds is required to create and maintain a long-range transportation plan which lists important projects likely to be under construction during the planning horizon. The plan is fiscally constrained, meaning only those projects which have a possibility of funding are included on the list. UNJAM is just one measure of how the community would like to grow.

Sean Tubbs


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