The City Council did not hold a hearing on whether to uphold the Board of Architectural Review’s decision to require the Violet Crown Charlottesville to replace the glass in its storefront. 
Tinted glass was installed on the façade of the recently renovated theater without the approval of the BAR, which had required transparent glass. 
An attorney for the Violet Crown had said it would cost $50,000 to make the replacement. 
However, the owners of the Violet Crown theater decided to take a different approach after visiting the site with architects. 
“Their conclusion was that the storefront as it stands does not satisfy their expectation for the storefront,” said David Pettit. 
“Rather than pursue the appeal at this time, we request a deferral so we can go back to BAR so we can work out a solution,” he said. 
The item will return to the BAR at a later date.