Mayor Dave Norris (Left) and Supervisor Ken Boyd (Right) appearing together at a

June 2008 meeting

On September 23, 2008, Albemarle County Supervisor Ken Boyd (Rivanna) and Charlottesville Mayor Dave Norris were both guests on WINA AM 1070’s Charlottesville Live radio program.  Hosts Rick Daniels and Jane Foy spoke with the local leaders about the 50-year community water supply plan and the news released the day before that engineering firm Gannett Fleming had raised the cost estimates for the proposed Ragged Mountain Dam dramatically.

In a joint press release, the local governments and agencies reported that the Ragged Mountain Dam’s expected cost had grown from $37 million to $70 million.  A second opinion solicited by the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority indicated that the dam could be built for about $56.5 million, still a 53% increase.  However, the detailed report on the Ragged Mountain Dam from Gannett Fleming identified a high end price with contingency funds at almost $99 million (2010 dollars).  The new dam is one component of the 50 year water supply plan which also includes a pipeline connecting Ragged Mountain to the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir.

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“As chairman Boyd said, I don’t think any of us have a real strong interest in going back to square one after all the work and all the community discussions that happened, and all the community interests that were balanced to get us to this point… To this point there still is no alternative proposal that accomplishes all these varying goals at any less costs than the one that we have endorsed.” Dave Norris



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