On October 24, 2006, the

Albemarle County Planning Commission

held the second of two worksessions on affordable living choices.  This worksession follows up on an

August 2006 meeting

where the Commission heard from non-profit partners in the affordable housing community.  This meeting’s invited guests included representatives of the local development community.

The following individuals presented information to the Commission

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These leaders described the current housing market and their concerns about the best approach to keeping the affordable homes they proffer to the County affordable for future owners.  In sharp contrast to the

Free Enterprise Forum’s

May 2006 report

Locked Out: The Impact of Local Regulation on Affordable Housing

, there was little concern expressed about County regulations, the size of the designated growth areas, or the supply of housing.  Instead, they described:

The only comments on regulations that were deemed somewhat problematic were as follows:

Brian Wheeler


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