Albemarle Place

development is still on deferral

in Albemarle County pending submission of a revised site plan by the developer Frank Cox.  This morning, Board of Supervisors Chairman, Dennis Rooker, appeared on


Charlottesville Live

with Dick Mountjoy and Jane Foy, and spoke about the project.

February 2006 Concept of Albemarle Place as viewed along Hydraulic Rd at Swanson Drive.  Tallest building in distance is near Commonwealth Drive.

Image source: Public record from County ARB.

In his comments on Albemarle Place , Mr. Rooker described the approval process that would take place should the developer seek to have buildings greater than 90′ in height.  Both the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors would weigh in on such a request to amend the 2003 rezoning agreement which sets a 90′ limit.  The plan

under review by the Architectural Review Board in February 2006

showed multiple buildings over the 90′ limit, including a 10-story building with the roof at 150′ in height (125′ to the parapet).  For comparison, the Hotel Monticello downtown in Court Square is 114′ to the parapet.

Mr. Rooker also shared that traffic studies on the zoning that existed on the property before the Albemarle Place rezoning could have resulted in a worse traffic situation for this area around US 29 and Hydraulic Rd. as it allowed for more intense industrial and office uses.

In February, Charlottesville Tomorrow’s weblog discussed

traffic issues related to the Albemarle Place development.

Listen to podcast from today’s WINA interview:

Download 20060307-WINA-Rooker.mp3

Brian Wheeler


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