Albemarle County’s

Mountain Overlay District Committee

will be meeting tomorrow, after a long hiatus between meetings, to discuss a new proposal for creation of a mountaintop protection ordinance.

Meeting Info:

Wednesday, March 8th, 4:00 PM * County Mountain Overlay District Committee meeting. County Office Building (McIntire Road) Room 235.

Online resources:

Mountain Overlay District website

and the ”

Straw Proposal

” being reviewed at meeting

From the document…

Straw Proposal for Consideration by the Albemarle County Mountain Overlay District Committee

This straw proposal was prepared to assist in the further deliberations of Albemarle County’s Mountain Overlay District Committee.

Proposal for a Mountain Protection Program

The Mountain Overlay District (MOD) Committee recommends a three-part program to protect the economic, cultural, and natural resources of Albemarle County’s mountains. The recommended program includes: a mountain ordinance focused on protecting the MOD environment; principles that would mandate and govern Rural Cluster Subdivisions in the mountains; and public acquisition of interests in land…

Brian Wheeler


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