On August 15, 2006, the

Albemarle County Planning Commission

approved the preliminary site plan for the Albemarle Place development located near the intersection of Hydraulic Rd. and US 29.  The vote was 5-0 in favor of approval with commissioners Bill Edgerton and Jon Cannon absent.

Much of the questioning by the commissioners related to future connections of the site to the Comdial property, the retaining walls around the Sperry Marine site, and transportation plans for a future grade-separated interchange at Hydraulic Road and US 29.

Not all aspects of the site plan have been reviewed by the

Architectural Review Board

.  In the future, they will give consideration to Block D which is currently on hold.  Block D is the area with the tallest proposed buildings.  Preliminary plans showed 10-story residential buildings at 150′ in height.  Any building exceeding 90′ in height will require a modification to the original rezoning.

Developer Frank Cox informed the Commission that his team had been working for many months on the parameters for a

grade-separated interchange

at Hydraulic and US 29.  While the interchange will not be constructed as part of Albemarle Place, Mr. Cox is funding the design study for this future VDOT project.  Wayne Cilimberg, the County’s Director of Planning, stated that before the final Albemarle Place site plan can be approved, the County’s official map has to be updated to show the ultimate interchange improvements authorized by VDOT.

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