Anson Parker (R), candidate for Charlottesville City Council
Republican Anson Parker is a candidate for  Charlottesville City Council.  Three of the five at-large seats on Council will be determined in the Nov. 3 election. Other candidates include: Scott Bandy (I); Wes Bellamy (D); Kathy Galvin (D); and Mike Signer (D).

Each candidate was interviewed by Charlottesville Tomorrow and asked 11 questions about their qualifications, priorities and important quality of life issues.  Included in the box at the right are links to the full transcript and audio recording of those interviews (also available on iTunes).

Highlights of all the candidate responses are available in this downloadable 2015 Voter Guide. The biographical information below is provided by each candidate.

Bio: Anson was born in 1977 and grew up in Lexington, Virginia. His mother was a high-school geography teacher and his father a Latin-American history professor at W&L. He moved to Cville in 1996 to go to UVa where he studied bio-chemistry. Anson has worked as a lab tech in neuropharmacology, a pipe layer and whistleblower at Faulconer Construction, a wood worker at Gaston & Wyatt, and presently as a web developer at UVa. He is running on a technical platform of governmental transparency and is personally building free apps to help Charlottesville. 

Education: Attended UVa for 3 ½ years studying bio-chemistry.

Occupation: Website developer at University of Virginia

Previous political experience: None    

Age on Election Day: 37

Neighborhood: Fifeville

Hometown: Lexington, Virginia

Family: Molly Miller is my fiancé

Other interests and experiences:

In my free time my friends and I harvest downed trees, mill the wood, and make furniture. My father is Chilean and we grew up bi-lingual and lived in Chile for several years. 

Telephone number: (434) 825-3374