On May 2, 2007, the

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

discussed investing in a research project to define an optimal population for the community.  The project, which is being recommended by

Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population

(ASAP), is an effort to identify an “optimal sustainable population size” for Albemarle County.  If ASAP receives $25,000 in funding for the two-year project from the County, it will seek matching funds from the City of Charlottesville and other sources.  The first phase of the research would be to come up with the methodology for establishing such a population estimate.  During the second phase, as envisioned by ASAP, the County would use the methodology to identify the optimal population and incorporate the findings into the Comprehensive Plan.  The Supervisors will discuss the project further when they approve their FY 2008 budget at their meeting on May 9th.

This recording by

Charlottesville Tomorrow

brings together three potions of yesterday’s Board meeting where this topic was discussed.  It was brought up at the beginning and the end of the meeting under other business by board members, and it was raised by several speakers during public comment.

Podcast produced by Charlottesville Tomorrow * Player by Odeo

Listen using player above or download the podcast:

Download 20070502-BOS-population.mp3


Brian Wheeler


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