Ukrainian refugees are receiving relief aid and safe accommodation in Eastern and Western Europe thanks to organizations assisted by Charlottesville ministry, Christian Aid Mission.

In three emergency response centers, an organization in Spain has already received more than 100 Ukrainian refugees and is poised to take in many more as the country expects to receive approximately 750,000 refugees from Ukraine.

Natasha and her 8-year-old son were among these refugees. After a missile destroyed their home in Kharkiv, they walked most of the nearly 700 miles to the border of Poland. “Many times, they thought they were going to die of the cold,” the leader of the Spain-based organization said. “When they arrived at the Polish border, their feet were shattered, and the boy was very tired and very skinny.”

Authorities in Poland put them on a plane to Spain after Natasha requested to be sent to the organization, which months earlier had helped rescue her Ukrainian friend from human traffickers. Besides food, clothing and shelter, workers are providing psychological help.

Christian Aid Mission also assists an organization based in an undisclosed country bordering Ukraine, where workers are caring for some of the more than 200,000 refugees arriving there. This organization is also sending aid to networks of churches that have turned into refugee centers in two other countries adjacent to Ukraine as well as to many internally displaced within Ukraine.

Inside Ukraine, a network of 70 churches host refugees. According to the group leader, the churches “are full of refugees, and they have indicated that they don’t have enough humanitarian aid.”

Churches with a maximum capacity of 100 people are trying to accommodate up to 500 refugees with rapidly dwindling resources. Food, water, diapers, and baby formula are urgently needed.

Those wanting a prompt and secure way to help Ukrainian refugees can visit or call 1-800-977-5650. Donations will be sent directly to the above-mentioned organizations that are working around the clock to care for Ukrainian refugees.


About Christian Aid Mission
Christian Aid Mission seeks to establish a witness for Christ in every nation by assisting indigenous ministries based in areas of poverty, persecution, and where foreign missionaries cannot go. Throughout the past 52 years, the Charlottesville-based ministry has built a network of hundreds of trusted contacts among indigenous ministries and organizations around the world. Funding is sent directly to these organizations for immediate use, avoiding the time and expense of sending American workers to the field.