City of Charlottesville
At the Commonwealth of Virginia Innovative Technology Symposium (COVITS) on September 6-7, the City of Charlottesville’s Information Technology Department was presented with a Governor’s Technology Award in the category IT as Efficiency Driver – Government to Government for their Utility Map Viewer – a recently developed software system. 
The award recognizes the innovative use of IT to promote efficiency in government; and the specific category recognizes projects that enable organizations to do more with less. Results may include a dollar return on investment, realignment of staff time, and/or newly transparent processes or information.
Collaborating with the City’s Information Technology Department, a Geographic Information System (GIS)-Centric, database driven software system was developed for use on department purchased mobile devices. The system, named Utility Map Viewer, allows crews in the field to view City Utility data (gas, water, wastewater and stormwater), on a map, and be able to collect data when inspecting and repairing gas distribution equipment, all from a mobile device.
The Utility Map Viewer system was designed and built for the City of Charlottesville’s Gas Utility which needed a system to provide crews in the field with accurate and timely utility line information and also help manage their mandated gas distribution inspection and repair program. Both of these goals serve the Gas Utility’s customer by aiding in the resolution of gas leaks, preventing gas line breaks whenever citizens or contractors dig near utility lines, and meeting a State safety mandate that all gas utility distribution equipment be inspected and repaired every three years.