Albemarle County has recently received a pair of awards from area transportation and planning organizations recognizing the County’s efforts to improve transportation in the area. These were presented to the Board of Supervisors during their meeting on November 7, 2007.

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Thomas Jefferson Planning District

and the

Piedmont Workforce Network

awarded the County the

Commuter Benefits Support


Commuter Benefits Champion

designations for its efforts to promote news transportation choices for people to get to work.

The County received the Commuter Benefits Support award for:

The County’s Human Resources Department received the Commuter Benefits Champion award for work as an area employer:

“It is our hope that other employers in our community will be inspired by these examples and will be encouraged to implement commuter benefits at their respective organizations,” said Rhonda Edmunds, Communications Director at the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission. She added that teleworking will increasingly become more prevalent in the years to come.

Louise Wyatt, the County’s Acting Human Resources Manager for Organizational Development, said more people are seeking alternatives to driving alone.

“They range from people that walk, to people that bike, to people that van-pool from Richmond,” Wyatt said. She added that with the cost of oil increasing to over $100 a barrel, the number of people who take transit or some other alternative will rise.

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