The City of Charlottesville is pleased to announce the continued implementation of the Master Plan for McIntire Park with the commencement of construction of two new major park improvements.
The pedestrian bridge across the Norfolk Southern Railroad that will connect the east and west sides of McIntire Park as well as the new Skate Park will both begin construction on March 5, 2018.  Construction will be ongoing concurrently during 2018, with the anticipated completion of the bridge in September of 2018 and the Skate Park in November of 2018.
Both projects fulfill elements of the City’s adopted Master Plan for the Park, approved by City Council in 2012. Funding for the bridge project is through a combination of City Capital Improvement Funds and a grant from the Virginia Department of Transportation. Funding for the skate park is through City Capital Improvement Funds, a grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation, and funds allocated from the John Warner Parkway/U.S. 250 interchange project.
The pedestrian bridge connecting the two sides of McIntire Park is a long held community goal and will fulfill an element of the Comprehensive Plan for off-road mobility connectivity.
The skate park will replace the facility previously located on McIntire Road, and relocated due to the construction of the U.S. 250 Bypass/John Warner Parkway interchange. The current temporary facility in McIntire Park is closed, and the former skate features have been sold through a recent on-line auction, with the proceeds assisting the project.
During construction, access to the south side of McIntire Park from the westbound U.S. 250 Bypass will be limited to construction, service and emergency vehicles. The current playground equipment at this location will be removed and relocated to other parks.
Information regarding the Master Plan for McIntire Park can be found on the City’s website at For further information regarding either project, please contact Doug Ehman, Parks Division Manager at 434.970.3021 or