At the conclusion of the February 28, 2006 Albemarle County Planning Commission meeting,

Commissioner William Edgerton (Jack Jouett)

shared his reactions to Loudoun County Supervisor

Jim Burton’s presentation

made earlier that day to the League of Women Voters.

After Mr. Edgerton’s report on the luncheon presentation, Wayne Cilimberg, Director of Planning and Community Development, responds to a question about Albemarle’s growth rate.  Then Commissioners reflected on the unprecedented number of rezoning requests coming before them, the tracking of building permits, and the growing inventory of potential housing units in Albemarle.

You can listen to the informative exchange via this podcast:

Download CoPC20060228-LWV-Lunch.mp3

Brian Wheeler

Note: Mr. Edgerton attributes the

LWV podcast

to Charlottesville Tomorrow, but it was actually produced by Sean Tubbs with

Charlottesville Podcasting




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