Eric Bredder, engineering teacher, Sutherland Middle School
Eric Bredder, Engineering Teacher, Sutherland Middle School
What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
Meeting the needs of all students who take my class while letting them create real, meaningful applications to other areas of school and life. I hope to provide a means for students to think creatively and be responsible for their own learning.

What is the most common misconception about your job?
As an engineering educator, I think that my job is to show students that they can have fun while creating, making, and problem-solving, and while developing skills and connecting their projects to their own lives.

Where do you see the teaching field in five years?
I hope that in five years students can take their own approach to learning and that the teacher’s role will become more of a facilitator of learning while providing resources to create and build new ideas.

What outside experience best prepared you to become an educator?
Having a mother and father who let me play and discover on my own with a lot of expertise to help me solve big problems as a kid. I am learning something every day and I enjoy it as a human being and always have. I wish to share that experience with others.